Scholastic Fall Book Fair - NOv 2-5

The Arundel Fall Book Fair runs Tuesday, November 2nd to Friday, November 5th in the Arundel multi-use (MU) room! This is a terrific event that gets our students excited about reading and helps raise funds for the Arundel Library. Students will visit the Book Fair instead of their regular library visit (with the exception of Monday library times moved to Friday).

PURCHASING OPTIONS: Purchase an eWallet for your child starting October 12th. The Scholastic eWallet is a secure, cash-free digital payment option. Parents set a limit and can increase if needed. After the Fair, remaining eWallet funds are not returned but instead, become a gift card balance that can be used online with Scholastic or to fund an eWallet for a future Book Fair. Be sure to sign in with the same email used to create the eWallet. We also accept cash (will not always be able to provide exact change due to a coin shortage) and credit cards.

FAMILY SHOPPING TIMES: Families can visit the MU on Thursday and Friday afternoon from 4-6pm. Note that Safari trips might be delayed if the MU becomes overcrowded. If this is the case, please wait patiently at the jungle entrance.

VOLUNTEERS: Please visit our sign-up page to help with set-up, classroom visits, afternoon family shopping time and/or clean-up. Please email us at if you are interested in running a cash register and/or becoming part of the Book Fair Committee!